Saturday, 29 March 2014

Miracleman 4 And The Sandman Overture 2

Marvel Comics Miracleman continues to be perfect. No 4:

has no Mick Anglo reprints;
completes the first story by the Original Writer;
includes the excellent "Saturday Morning Pictures" framing sequence from Marvelman Special no 1, 1984;
includes a Warpsmith story from A1, thus is not confined to reprints from Warrior;
has twelve more pages of art and no ads.

This is definitely worth buying, even by someone who has the collected editions of the Eclipse series.

I also picked up The Sandman Overture 2 - not a lot to say about this yet. Morpheus is about to meet his father, which I didn't know he had. Old Glory, whom we have met before, has been promoted to the First Circle, of which we have read before. By meeting other aspects of himself, Morpheus begins to realize that he is "...Self-satisfied. Irritating. Self-possessed, and unwilling to concede center stage to anyone but myself."

I do not yet see how the narrative about the current Dream connects with events in "1915 Across the Universe..."

I have still to pick up that latest volume on Captain Nemo in the Extraordinary Gentlemen universe.

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