Saturday, 1 March 2014

Smallville: Insurgence

What an episode!

Lex gets in deep hiring surveillance people who turn out to be thieves and to include a murderer. A policewoman helps the thieves but neither she nor Lex is suspected.

Clark jumps from the Daily Planet building (see image) to the LuthorCorp building. I think that this is our first sight of the former? Lex must wonder not only how Clark got into the LuthorCorp building but also how he got to Metropolis so quickly since he did not travel with Jonathan in Lex's helicopter.

Lionel has slabs of green meteor material, an octagonal disc and files on Clark in his Metropolis vault. Blind, he does not see the meteor material affecting Clark. Clark destroys the files and Martha pockets the octagon.

Lionel hired Martha because she is competent but maybe also as a way to find out about Clark. Jonathan suggests that they turn the tables and get Martha to spy on Lionel for the Kents. Does this mean that he is happy for Martha to accept the promotion that will mean her working in Metropolis? Lionel tries to encourage Martha's personal ambition at the expense of any family commitment.

Because of a further deterioration in trust between the Luthors, Lionel will move out of Luthor Castle. Lex stands alone and watches the happily reconciled Kent family.

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