Saturday, 1 March 2014

Smallville: Visage

We get a short war scene. Whitney is dead although we are led to believe otherwise for a while. The title is a clue, as is an opening conversation about people not being who we think they are.

Another character returns only to die this time.

The spaceship saves Clark by glowing and neutralizing the green necklace. This deus ex machina has to be explained some time. We see the Native American cave paintings again.

Lana realizes that, despite his mysteries, Clark is a constant friend whereas other people that she depended on have left.

We get a very neat story about Lex:

he spies on his father;
Lex's private investigator photographs Lionel with Helen, Lex's girlfriend, the doctor (who looks familiar because she reminds me of someone in Lancaster);
investigating further, Lex discovers a large sum of money transferred from LuthorCorp to Helen's bank account;
when Lex confronts Helen about this, including the fact that he checked her bank account, she walks out;
the truth is that Lionel met Helen to offer her money to leave Lex and paid her the money even when she refused;
learning this, Lex asks Helen to help him to become more trusting and she responds.

Thus, at the end of the episode, Lana affirms her trust in Clark and Lex is back with Helen.

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