Thursday, 6 March 2014

Smallville: Fever

Martha Kent pregnant: this must be the first time that has happened - unless there was an "Imaginary Story" back in the 60's? But the Kents were always shown as older.

Martha hid the spaceship key because she was afraid that Clark would learn about his origins and leave her and Jonathan. I found the recovery of the key from an army base by Jonathan and the sick Clark unbelievable.

The second appearance of a pop group in the series.

A doctor has now seen Clark's blood sample. It really is hard to confine the secret to just three or four people. Lex has bribed someone in Smallville Medical Center to get him a copy of Martha's medical record. The truth will come out but it will take ten years.

The spaceship works miracles and at a distance: a literal deus ex machina.

Chloe declares her feelings for Clark and incautiously lets them be read by Lana.

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