Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Smallville: Rush

Once in the late 1950's, I was really excited to buy a Superman comic and a Marvelman comic. I would never have suspected that, in 2014, I would play a disc of a Smallville TV episode in color and read Miracleman.

In Smallville: Rush:

there is a DC universe reference - Cadmus Labs in Metropolis;
there are alien organisms in the cave;
the return of the red meteor effect on Clark;
Chloe learns the truth about Clark and predictably forgets;
Lex thinks that Clark knows more than he says about the caves;
if the carvings are in Kryptonese, then it should not be possible to decipher them;
Clark cannot tell Lana that he kissed Chloe because of the red meteor effect so there is a return to Clark's silence and Lana's distrust;
there is nothing in this episode about Lionel but Lex has to sort out ownership of LexCorp soon;
there have clearly got to be a lot more revelations about the caves;
if Kryptonians have indefinitely extended lifespans, then Jor-El could have been involved centuries ago when a Kryptonian came to Earth;
it is unusual in any kind of fiction for the audience already to possess information that is not yet known by the characters but we do not know how the details will pan out in this version.

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