Saturday, 15 March 2014

Smallville: Witness

In this episode, the villains do have super strength and also see Clark using some of his other powers but do not die or suffer amnesia at the end.

(i) The Daily Planet appeared very early in Action Comics as the workplace of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.
(ii) Lex Luthor emerged as Superman's continuing villain.
(iii) Smallville was introduced as the hometown of Superman as a boy.
(iv) In the Smallville TV series, Chloe Sullivan was introduced as a schoolfriend of Clark and Editor of the Smallville High newspaper, the Torch.
(v) Also in Smallville, Lionel Luthor was introduced as Lex's father.
(vi) In Smallville Second Season, Episode 20, Lionel offers to arrange a Daily Planet column for Chloe long before Clark or Lois work there.

Thus, the Daily Planet, transcending its origins, has begun to exist in its own right in various versions of the DC Universe.

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