Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Era Of The Overman

Marvel/Miracleman is Britain's no 1 superhero! (see image)

There are three meanings of "Superman":

comic book.

After the comic book Superman, there are:

superheroes in general;
the Marvel Families in particular.

By "Marvel Families," I mean:

Captain Marvel and his younger companions;
Marvelman and his companions.

The reconstructed Marvelman/Miracleman is a superhero comic that addresses the Nazi superman idea. Thus, Kid Miracleman to Liz Moran:

"I'm going to do it, you see, where all of them failed. Like that pathetic German clown...a stunted syphilitic proclaiming the doctrine of the superman.
"Poor Adolph. He had no idea. The real era of the Overman starts here, Mrs. Moran. How sad that you won't live to see it..."

- Miracleman, no 3 (New York, 2014), p. 2.

(Liz, following Mike's earlier advice to "Get out of the area!" (p 1), has driven directly to where Bates and Mike have just fought.)

Next, there is comedy. As "...these creatures of near unimaginable power..." (p. 3) resume their fight, several captions solemnly proclaim that we will never understand these "...titans..." The captions conclude:

"...never know their pain, their love, their almost sexual hatred...
"...and perhaps we will be the less for that." (ibid.)

We are brought down to Earth by a British policeman:

"Bloody Nora! What the hell's going on here?" (ibid.)

Our familiar world and the world of the superheroes are starting to interact. When the policeman's colleague asks, "Are you going to ask them to come along quietly?" (p. 4), he replies, "Sod off!" and "They might be paying me to handle Brixton but I'm buggered if they're paying me to handle this..." (ibid.)

When this was written, there had recently been a riot in Brixton.

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