Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Smallville: Prodigal

Lionel is no longer blind.
Lex's half-brother, Lucas, is still alive and very bad news.
Clark covertly used super-speed and invulnerability to save Lucas' life but nevertheless was seen to have moved unusually fast.
Clark, even more covertly, used heat vision when Lucas held a gun on Lionel.
Lionel saw evidence of heat afterwards but was in no way able to deduce any connection with Clark.
Temporarily disinherited and homeless, Lex worked on the Kent farm and proved that he could do it.
Edge City is a fictitious city seemingly invented for this series, not based on any DC Universe city.
Even when held at gunpoint and told to kill Lex, Lionel refused to do it.
(It is not very much to say for a man but it is something that we can say for him.)
Pete has to warn Clark to tone down his powers when playing basketball with Lucas.

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