Saturday, 1 March 2014

More On Miracleman II

Mike Moran reads the real Daily Mirror but works free-lance for the fictional Daily Record - a good blending of realism with alternative reality. (There is a real Scottish Daily Record but I imagine that Moran's London-based Daily Record is fictional.) As a journalist, he follows in the footsteps of Clark Kent.

Sir Dennis Archer had thought, in one of his captions:

"Evelyn Cream will sanction the monster. The dragon will be slain."
- Miracleman no 3 (New York, 2014), p. 8.

Cream, a professional killer, puts two shots into Mike at close range. How can he possibly survive that? It is good when there is a plausible way for our hero to escape from inevitable death. Bates made the mistake of saying "Miracleman" before killing MM. Later, when Mike is attacked by Miracledog, he remembers the word that Gargunza had said to transform a dog into a super-dog.

"Project Zarathustra" (ibid.) is a reference to Nietzsche.

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