Friday, 14 March 2014

Smallville: Rosetta

Christopher Reeve and the Superman theme: what more can I say? We mentally connect at least three major stages of the myth: the 1938 Action Comics no 1, the 1978 Superman feature film and the 2001-2011 Smallville TV series.

How can Doctor Swann interpret an extraterrestrial language? The fact that it has a mathematical basis might just mean that some of it can be interpreted: ". + . = .." should be decipherable as "one plus one equals two." But how can anyone get from that to personal names and their pronunciation? And how can it be known on Earth that a planet of another star is no longer there?

It seems that the Kryptonian tech in the cave can download data into Kal-El's brain but that a human brain is not strong enough to take it. Thus, another inconveniently inquisitive investigator is neutralized. It also seems that, when we saw Clark hovering in the cave, that was a dream. The power of flight has not manifested yet, except when Clark rescued Lana from the tornado.

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