Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Guardians Of The Galaxy

I did not really get very much out of this, to be honest. Our villain has a precosmic power source but he can use it to destroy a planet only if he first uses conventional weapons to fight his way past local defenses and down onto the planetary surface? And I am not clear how our guys stopped it happening, either.

So this happens elsewhere in the galaxy while Thor comes from Asgard and the Avengers assemble on Earth? I didn't see as much connection with the Marvel Movieverse as I expected but maybe I missed it? There is Thanos, of course. Maybe that's it? I didn't understand the post-credits scene or the reference to Howard the Duck.

I think that the Marvel Comics Captain Marvel was a man of the Kree? But he doesn't have to be mentioned here, of course.

I am underwhelmed about the prospect of a sequel.

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