Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Smallville: Ageless

They call the boy "Evan." I thought that this name had Superman significance. The first version of Clark's foster father's name was Eben. Was there an "Evan" somewhere?

The climax with Evan dying on the windmill was like an earlier episode where a young guy thought that, if he got up somewhere high, he would be taken back to Krypton? There is symbolism in the fact that Metropolis can be seen from the windmill. Clark and Lana are surrogate parents.

Lionel is prepared to kill to protect Lex and it seems to be because he regards Lex as a Luthor and as his son, not just as his heir, i.e., as an extension of himself.

Chloe now knows why Clark disappears all the time. To Lois, it is still just puzzling.

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