Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Smallville: Forever

Leaving school and a guy who wants to freeze time because he doesn't want to work in a video store. (That doesn't sound so bad.) Chloe leaves an empty Torch office. She turns to look at the blank walls and empty desks. Chloe will go to Met U and Clark to a College in Kansas but Lana will stay in Smallville.

Jonathan and Martha have had farm help from one unpaid super-powered teenager whereas other nearby farms employ five or six men. Has no one noticed any discrepancy between Kent input and output?

Good riddance to Jason, assuming that he really is dead. In this kind of fiction, being shot in the shoulder and falling off a cliff into a river is no guarantee of death. Jason is more likely to return super-powered and vengeful. Were there meteor rocks in the river?

Lionel has returned from cheerful philanthropy to the profit motive but has not yet returned to bullying, blackmailing or manipulating. He seems to be genuine in his feelings and concerns for Lex. I think and hope that Lionel has permanently improved.

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