Monday, 4 August 2014

Smallville: Krypto

Did this have to happen? A super-strong dog, not Kryptonian but resulting from Luthorcorp experiments with animals and meteor rocks. Thus, a kind of explanation more appropriate to this series.

He winds up with a red towel across his back. And there are enough jokes about the name. "Krypto" and "Shelby" both originate in the comics. In Smallville, Clark thinks of the name "Krypto," presumably referring to Krypton, but then explains it as "cryptic" when questioned by Lex. There is an implication that Clark will acquire another dog and name it "Krypto," after this one is named "Shelby."

Lionel is back but not with much else happening yet. He looked better with that longer hair. I still hope that his good guy routine is genuine. Chloe is still hinting about Clark's powers. I think that Lana used to get involved with the supernatural back in Superboy comics?

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