Thursday, 14 August 2014

Smallville: Commencement

Jason is not dead after all. Big surprise. What is it about the Kryptonian stones that drives the Teagues and the Luthors mad to possess them? How can Kryptonian tech cause an asteroid to break up into meteorites that hit Smallville? Why should it?

The Kryptonian tech gives us spectacular special effects but no explanations. It is clearly about to create the Fortress of Solitude when we reach "To Be Continued."

Lionel is prepared to trade Lana's freedom for one of the stones so maybe he has reverted to the old bad Lionel after all? He has concealed the body, which is what I thought that Lex was going to do instead of just offering Lana a good defense lawyer. Why does the activation of the stones knock Lionel out? Will any of this be explained?

Why did one of Lex's men interrupt his conversation with Lana to say, "Mr Luthor, we have a situation!" Was he referring to the meteor shower or did Lex arrange for him to interrupt as a pretext for breaking off his conversation with Lana?

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