Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Smallville: Kinetic

Chloe falls from an upper floor of the Luthor Mansion. We expect Clark to run downstairs at superspeed to break her fall and it is quite a shock when he doesn't. With other things happening, he had not realized quickly enough that she was in danger. She is hospitalized for most of the episode, with Lex bringing in the best doctors from Metropolis. Clark makes the mistake of apologising. This could generate suspicion that he has got powers of some sort. Lex warns him that he will wind up with a Messiah complex and a lot of enemies.

Lex, not yet involved in criminal activities, nevertheless confidently contends against those who are. Chloe asks about LuthorCorp Level 3. This was in a previous episode and apparently recurs in Chloe's own internet series.

Lana persuades Luthor to accept her business plan for the Talon. This is the start of a story line that continues in later episodes. Do Lex and Lana marry later? Whitney "loses his scholarship." I am not sure how?

The parts of the episode that I find worthy of comment do not include the meteor-powered supervillains of the week. The actors play these parts well but as usual I find that there is enough drama in the interactions between the regular cast members.

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