Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Smallville Season Eleven

Having driven my daughter and granddaughter to Liverpool for the day, I visited a vegetarian cafe with them, then, on my own, the Anglican Cathedral and two comics shops. One of the shops sold me Vicious Circle, a Felix Castor novel by Mike Carey (big comics writer, hence relevant here). The other sold me Smallville: Season Eleven comic books numbers 8, 9 and 10, cover dated Feb, Mar and Apr, this year.

Thus, I am sort of up to date with Smallville, even though my viewing of the TV series is still back in Season 1. And I am back to posting about comics again, at least for a while.

No 8, the end of a story line, is a bit difficult to follow. Clark and Bruce, helped by Lois and Barabara, are working together against Loomis and Fries. Lex has a sister. (I know this is generally known but I didn't know it yet.) Nos 9 and 10 are Parts One and Two of a story called "Haunted" so they might be easier to follow. But I am not reading them yet because I am drowning in Poul Anderson, Felix Castor and some important political reading.

There is an ad for a comic bridging the gap between two Batman: Arkham games. So comics characters have now been adapted not only to films, TV and novels but also to computer games and the various screened media feed back into comics. It is interesting to know that all this is going on even without getting involved in most of it.

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