Saturday, 23 March 2013

Smallville: Zero

This is a good episode because:

there is no mention of meteors or meteoric powers;
the dead guy apparently alive again is just a double, not a ghost, zombie or metamorph;
the young Lex remains a self-sacrificing but calculating guy in the midst of darkness, death and deception;
the Talon opens;
Central City and Bludhaven are mentioned;
Chloe looks good;
she stays in character, digging into Clark's past, wanting to keep his friendship but saving the evidence that there is a mystery around his adoption;
Jonathan Kent spurns Lex's offer of financial help and Lex is clearly unhappy about this;
Clark uses X-ray vision a couple of times and super speed once and that is it with the powers;
there is good scenery around the Kent farm;
the Zero Club looks a bit like a place some of us from Lancaster go to in Preston.

Can it get any better than this with a retelling of Superman's early life?


  1. Was there cake?

    I mean everything is better with cake, right?

    If there wasn't it can get better with cake, don't you think?

  2. I think I know your secret identity.