Saturday, 2 March 2013

Grant Morrison's Action Comics

Chris Up Front, this guy in Lancaster, says he is enjoying Grant Morrison's Action Comics, and didn't yet know that Andy Diggle will be taking over soon. Apparently, someone in the fifth dimension, not Mxyzptlk, is messing with time in ways that recall earlier versions of Superman. It's like what Alan Moore did with Mxyzptlk but more so.

The problem I have with that is that it has all been done before. The only question now is whether it is being done well. Chris says it is and it should be with Grant Morrison although I found that The Invisibles became incoherent as it went on. So I will either have to borrow Chris's copies or read Morrison's run collected.

I did read issue 1 and had problems with the fact that it just seemed like an arbitrary changing around of the relationships between Supes, Lex and Sam Lane etc but, of course, the whole run can be judged as a story in its own right, instead of as just a break from what had gone before.

But I still think that a really powerful retelling of the Superman story waits to be told and that this will happen in graphic novels and feature films, not in monthly comic books.

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