Sunday, 3 March 2013

Smallville: Leech

What happens in this episode?

Cadmus Labs are mentioned. They are important in the comics.

Clark temporarily loses his powers. This happens periodically in the comics so it has to happen here. It throws Lex off the scent about Clark but the journalist who has been working for Lex will persist.

A lightning strike is a potent symbol. See Shazam and Lest Darkness Fall.

Clark should be honest with Lex. The dishonesty and deceit of a superhero secret identity has to be harmful.

Chloe coins the term "Super Boy" for the guy who temporarily gains Clark's powers. Earlier versions of the story can be incorporated or referenced in different guises. When the powers were exchanged, both parties got what they wanted at the time.

We see Lex in Metropolis outwitting a business rival so the big city continues to be contrasted with the small farming town. By technological means, Lex converses with his father's disembodied voice: a powerful symbol of remote authority and of the unseen villain in some fictional works.

A small step is taken towards Lana refurbishing the Talon. 

What is important about Clark is not that he has powers but that he does not misuse them.

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