Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Dragon III

In Alan Grant's Smallville novel, Dragon (IN Smallville Omnibus 1, New York, 2006):

"Lex had been in Smallville for almost a year..." (p. 287)

is code for "This novel is set just after Season One of the Smallville TV series..."

- of which so far I have watched only five of the twenty one episodes. This is a massive fictitious universe, comprising:

ten TV seasons;
I don't know how many novels and will scarecely be able to track them all down;
some independent adventures of Chloe Sullivan published on the Internet, I think (?);
maybe three comic-magazines containing not only interviews with cast members but also some comic strips;
a currently on-going monthly comic book called Smallville Season 11.

Thus, not just a prequel but a complete self-contained version of the Superman story. In later TV seasons, Clark moves to Metropolis where he interacts with (versions of) other DC Universe characters. It sounds to me as if too much happens before Clark dons the costume and starts to fly but I have not yet seen any of the later seasons.

Meanwhile, I am reading Dragon while Lex drives his silver Porsche past cornstalks and reminisces, giving the author an opportunity to recapitulate yet another scene from the pilot episode - how Lex lost his hair.

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