Friday, 11 January 2013

The Sequel To The Prequel

The Smallville TV series is a prequel to Superman's career, more specifically to one version of that career since there are many versions, more specifically again to a new version since the TV series is set in "the present", the time when it was originally broadcast, not ten or so years earlier. Thus, it is a prequel to a future version so it is able to contradict details in current and previous comic book versions:

the capsule arrives in a meteor shower;
the meteors affect human beings;
Pete is black;
Lana is not red headed;
Lex knew Clark in Smallville, not Perry in Metropolis;
unlike still earlier versions where Lex was in Smallville, he is rich, older than Clark and lost his hair earlier;

Amazingly, that future version of Superman's career now has its own monthly comic book series, called Smallville: the 11th Season, a sequel to the prequel! It seems that enough fans just did not want to let go of the series so first it was continued too long on TV and now it is a comic.

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