Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Future Of Comics?

As John Byrne said when reflecting on his own Man Of Steel mini-series, Clark Kent's story starts in Smallville, not on Krypton. I like to imagine:

that the occasional graphic novel replaces the monthly comic book as the main medium for sequential art story telling;

that a good writer-artist team produces an annual Superman series;

that Volume I, World Of Smallville, simply establishes the setting and characters of Smallville;

that Jonathan and Martha Kent have not as yet revealed to their son Clark that his arrival in Smallville was in any way extraordinary;

that initially Clark experiences occasional flashes of super power at crucial moments, eg, super strength when needed but not, as yet, continuously or finding a lost object by X-ray vision but thinking afterwards that it must have been a good guess or intuition;

that he himself doubts whether this has happened or thinks that at most it can only have been a temporary stress-induced phenomenon;

that he spends time diverting the suspicions of his parents, Lana, Pete, Chloe and Lex, his aim being to appear normal to them.

I think that this alone is sufficient to generate a narrative with plot and characterisation for one or more Volumes.

Longer term:

Need he or we ever learn about Krypton?
Can Clark and Lois not simply work as investigative journalists visiting real world war zones while Clark, trying to be as discrete as possible, uses his powers to help people without interfering too much in how the world is run?
Luthor yes but Brainiac, Bizarro, Mxyzptlk, the Zod Squad, Lori Lemaris, Krypto and Supergirl no?
Do we need Kryptonite?
Maybe but how best to introduce it and minimise its quantity?

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