Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Smallville, Second Episode

Despite the last post, I have not quite gone yet - but am not on my own computer and will add an image later. (9/1/13: image added.) I have just watched the second episode of Smallville, "Metamorphosis", for the first time.

What is good? The characterisation of and interactions between Clark, Jonathan, Martha, Lex, Lana, Whitney, Chloe and Pete. Clark levitates in his sleep. He has an opportunity to test his reaction to the green meteors close up and learns that lead blocks their effects. Super-ventriloquism seems to be working. Clark says, "Thank you, Lana," quietly to himself and, over at her place, she turns around curiously.

The series does well what Greek drama did: telling a familiar myth in a new way with fresh insights into details and motivations. It is really something to hear familiar names like "Lex Luthor" in a dramatic presentation that is much more substantial than the original comic books.

What could have been better? The producers of the series added episodic drama by the plot innovation of having the meteors bestow strange powers on human beings. We are used to this sort of thing happening in this sort of drama and we accept it but it need not have happened. It would have been sufficient for us to see Clark's powers gradually growing as he interacted with Lex and others. Evidence is slowly accumulating in front of Lex and Chloe but they cannot see enough to put it all together yet. It is a good beginning...

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