Friday, 4 January 2013

The World Of Krypton

I do not think that an alien origin is an essential part of Superman's character but a lot of people disagree with me. Let us suppose that Krypton is a necessary part of the story. In the previous post, I argued for annual graphic novels about Clark Kent growing up in Smallville. We would know in advance that this series must end with him moving to Metropolis, starting to fly and donning the costume.

I would also argue for a similar series about the History of Krypton, like John Byrne's World Of Krypton but longer. It would have to start with an explanation of why there were human beings on Krypton, as also maybe on Rann and Thanagar. We would know in advance that this series must end with Kal-El being launched towards Earth.

Main parts of the History have to be the origins of the Raoist priesthood, the Science Council and the great cities of Krypton.

Smallville and Krypton could be published concurrently but with no cross-reference until the end of the latter. A Superman series, following both, would have to end with either his death or his disappearance. I agree with Elliot S Maggin's idea that, in the future, Luthor reforms and they become friends.

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