Monday, 14 January 2013

Smallville: Cool

Episode 5

Clark accepts Lex's help in getting a date with Lana but Jonathan refuses Lex's help in financing the farm. This version of Lex is a really good guy.

Chloe develops as a character. From Action Comics no 1, Superman had had a "girl friend," Lois Lane, a fellow reporter, who sometimes tried to find out his secret identity. (We knew he had one but how did she?) When Super(man as a)boy was retroactively shown to have lived not in the big city, Metropolis, but in a small town, Smallville, Lana Lang was invented as the small town equivalent of Lois, again trying to penetrate the secret identity. Then the adult Lana showed up in Metropolis and was developed as an independent character, for some time working with Clark on television.

Superman's later enemy, Lex Luthor, was shown also to have lived in Smallville. Pete Ross was invented as the Smallville friend who did accidentally find out that Clark was really Superboy. In later comics, then in the Smallville TV series, Clark, Lana and Pete still live in Smallville but Clark no longer has a public costumed identity in that period.

Smallville has restored Lex to Smallville, has given Lana a boyfriend, Whitney, and has also introduced Chloe Sullivan who runs the school newspaper, thus is a precursor of Lois Lane. Chloe, who investigates strange events in Smallville, therefore might learn Clark's secret, is one of the best additions to the Superman mythos. 

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