Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I think that the Smallville TV series, at least in its earlier seasons, is the best screen adaptation of Superman. It is an inspiration to show Clark's powers developing while steering away from the costume and the not yet manifested power of flight. This is less implausible than the earlier notion that Clark had played a costumed superhero role in Smallville before moving to Metropolis. (An earlier TV series showed him doing this at University, not back home.)

The series presents authentic versions of the main characters, particularly Lex, while Lionel Luthor and Chloe are excellent additions. Pete Ross is transformed into a different guy but retains his role as the friend who knows the secret.

It makes sense that, if there is to be a lot of Kryptonite on Earth, then it all came together in a single meteor shower with the capsule. (John Byrne's comic book revamp of the character had had a single lump of Kryptonite reaching Earth attached to the capsule.) Also, the meteor shower conceals the capsule from military radar.

...crucifixus etiam pro nobis... Clark as scarecrow is an understated religious image, less obvious than Jor-El's words in the first feature film, "All they need is the light to show them the way. I sent them you, my only son..."

Jonathan saying don't play football in case of accidents might owe something to Hugo Danner accidentally killing a footballer in Philip Wylie's Gladiator.

I have not seen later seasons so currently rely only on hearsay. I think the title should have changed to Metropolis when Clark moved to the city. Also, he seems to have spent too much time meeting characters who should only have emerged after he had become Superman. The series, because of its success, continued for too many seasons. But, also, lower key stories about Clark learning how to conceal and use his powers could have replaced more spectacular exploits like encounters with future Justice League members.

Lex was turned into a really good guy who knew Clark very well so it was probably necessary to do what I understand was done: kill off that Lex and replace him with his evil clone who will become Superman's arch-enemy.

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