Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The Versatility Of The Batman

A Batman story can be:

a detective story;
science fiction, eg, alien invasion or technological innovation;
fantasy, eg, ghosts or demons;
horror, eg, vampires or serial killers;
social realism, eg, street crime or urban decay;
a psychological study of the title character or of one of his opponents;
romance, with, eg, Wayne's original fiancee, Selina Kyle or Talia;
super heroes, eg, guest starring Superman;
alternative reality fiction, eg, Gotham By Gaslight where the Batman was around at the same time as the Ripper;
humour, with, eg, the Penguin or the Riddler treated as comical rather than horrific.

It can address any age range from children looking at pictures and learning to read ("Batman is chasing the Penguin") to entirely mature content:

Selina Kyle as a prostitute with an under age partner in Batman: Year One;
a mass murder in a pornographic cinema in The Dark Knight Returns;
"Some crimes frighten even the Batman" advertising Batman: Night Cries, about child abuse.

Like many characters, the Batman has become multi-media but his two main media remain graphic novels and feature films.

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