Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Runaway II

Two clever things about Runaway (New York, 2003), the second Smallville novel by Suzan Colon:

a new woman friend with an L-name, Luna;

we already know that Clark will move to Metropolis maybe to attend University but certainly to work as a reporter - however, by making him run away to Metropolis while still at High School, Suzan Colon becomes able to describe Clark arriving in Metropolis for the first time before he moves there permanently.

This is a perfect addition to a series because it is a major story in its own right but at the same time manages not to contradict established continuity.

By referring back to her earlier novel, the author also summarises the effects on Clark of the Smallville version of red kryptonite. I was not familiar with this version of red k yet since I am still watching only Season One.

When Clark tells Luna to order whatever meal she wants and he will pay for it, she asks if his last name is Luthor so the familiar name is easily woven into the background of the story. Like other Smallville novels, this is an enjoyable read.

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