Friday, 22 February 2013

Smallville: Hug

In this episode, two meteor-empowered salesmen can convince anyone of anything. Jonathan Kent even sells the farm although this situation is only temporary.

Chloe gets the chance to show her feelings for Clark. We see the first Superman-Luthor fight as Lex fires a machine gun at the bullet-proof Clark. Lex forgets this afterwards but we feel that one part of the real Lex has been revealed.

Knowing that the two salesmen had been friends but then fell out, Clark wonders if that could happen to him and Lex but Lex replies, "Trust me. Our friendship will be legendary." And it can be. Elliot S Maggin wrote a Superman comic in which the future Luthor, rehabilitated, befriends his former enemy and they travel round the galaxy together.

There is another way in which their friendship can become legendary. I understand that, later in the Smallville TV series, Lex dies only to be replaced by his evil clone. If that is what happens, then the early friend and the later enemy are different persons. Thus, both the friendship and the enmity can become legends. It could come to be known that the original Luthor had had a friend called Kent and that his clone was an enemy of Superman even if it were still not known that Kent and Superman were the same person.

Luthor mentions To Kill A Mocking Bird to Clark. In the John Byrne period of the comics, that novel had strongly influenced Clark Kent.

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