Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wow, Chloe Sullivan (And Allison Mack)!

What's not to like? -

a really cool character, specially created for the Smallville TV series;
also starring in The Chloe Chronicles on the web;
at one stage, accepts a job offer from Lionel Luthor (but I do not know the outcome of this);
has a thing for Clark but later marries Jimmy Olsen, then Oliver Queen!;
friendly with Pete Ross but never got together with him;
Allison Mack, who plays Chloe, had a big input into how the character developed;
continues into the Smallville comic where she becomes pregnant;
some fans thought that she would later change her name to Lois;

Imagine not only playing a part on TV but then seeing yourself drawn in the comic. I thought I was getting mixed signals about whether Chloe, while in Smallville, lived with both parents or only with her dad so I googled and got the impression that there is a mother but she is not always around (?) and that Allison Mack conferred with Editorial to work out this part of the character's background.

When Lois Lane had her own comic, it was all about her relationship with Supes but, in The Chloe Chronicles, a supporting character of the pre-Superman Clark Kent runs with her own series. In the Smallville novel, Whodunnit by Dean Wesley Smith, a ten and a half page chapter describes how the hero Lex faces down the FBI in his search for his kidnapped father and many chapter sections are narrated from Chloe's point of view. Here, we are at the furthest possible remove from the original Superman comics. First, we come forward many decades to an Internet Age version of the character, presented not in comic strips but on TV and in prose fiction. Then we go back ten years to before he was a superhero. Then we follow the separate exploits of these two major supporting characters, Lex and Chloe.

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