Monday, 18 February 2013

Smallville: Jitters

In this episode, we see:

Chloe's embarassing father who manages Luthorcorp, Smallville;
Clark moving so fast that everyone else seems to be standing still;
friction between Lana and Whitney;
a meteor-affected man vibrating in a way that could become super speed.

- and Lex sees:

more evidence of Clark's powers, not only how did he pull two guys to safety, which Lex does ask about, but a hole smashed through a wall, which he does not ask about but must notice;
real family feeling between the Kents while having to fake it with his father for the cameras;
his father successfully covering up again.
Thus, the story inches forward at the right pace for a TV series.

Addendum: And we learn that this version of Martha moved from Metropolis to Smallville to marry Jonathan. I think she was local in earlier versions. I felt I had to show an image of Clark, Lex and the vibrating man but could not resist including Chloe (and Pete) as well.

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