Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Runaway III

Reading further, I find that the Smallville novel, Runaway (New York, 2003) by Suzan Colon, is indeed set in a highly specific period of the TV series, maybe between Seasons One and Two:

Lana has known Lex for just over a year;
Lana's Aunt Nell has moved to Metropolis and Lana has moved in with the Sullivans;
Clark has told Pete about his powers;
Lionel Luthor was temporarily blinded and is living in Smallville;
Clark mysteriously found Lana just after some tornadoes (I think this was the climax of Season One but will find out).

This novel also refers to the previous Smallville novel by the same author, thus forming a series within the series.

Luna tells Clark:

" 'Wait till you see [Metropolis] at night, when it's all lit up...It's really beautiful.' " (p. 56)

This expresses in prose what we saw on screen in the early episode when Jonathan and Martha went to the city for their anniversary. Clark delivers a package to the Daily Planet and, of course, decides that he wants to work there. Series writers have an endless ability to add new details to an already established story.

There are some more switches of viewpoint. On pp. 71-74, a conversation seems to begin from Lana's viewpoint and definitely ends with Chloe's. On pp. 114-118, a conversation definitely begins from Martha's point of view but ends from Chloe's.

Addendum: On pp. 41-44, the viewpoint changes from Martha to Jonathan and back.

I thought there was a reference to Clark finding Lana after the tornadoes but now can't find it.

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