Friday, 22 February 2013

Smallville: Rogue and Shimmer

Two more episodes of Smallville: what occurs?

A second person learns Clark's secret but conveniently, although also plausibly, dies at the end. As the corrupt cop dies from bullet wounds, Lex asks him what he had on Clark but the cop won't help Lex. Lex watches security film on which Clark moves too fast to be seen.

An invisible man becomes visible when paint spills on him. (Alan Moore did this with Wells' Invisible Man, Griffin, in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.)

Good interactions involving Clark, Lana, Whitney and Chloe.

A very good sunset seen from the Kents' barn by Clark and Lana.

In Metropolis Museum, armor worn by Alexander the Great with a snake curled into an S on the front.

Lionel warns Lex against an English business rival's daughter (see image).

Very little of Pete here.

When Clark told his parents that it was ok for him to use his powers in Metropolis because (he thought) no one saw him, he should also have emphasized that he was saving a guy's life.

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