Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Smallville: Craving

In this episode, Luthor continues to move imperceptibly towards the truth:

he visits Smallville High to check whether he can fund its computers;
he sees Chloe's Wall of Weird;
she confirms to him that she thinks meteors, not Luthorcorp, explain Smallvillean weirdnesses;
she mentions Professor Hamilton who is researching the meteors;
Luthor visits Hamilton's lab and eventually gets Hamilton to accept a cheque from him.

When looking at the Wall, Lex tells Clark for the first time how he lost his hair. Clark says he is sorry and Lex, of course, says that it is not his fault. He might revise that opinion later.

My daughter, having seen this and previous episodes, commented that Smallville High should be making the national news with a different one of its pupils being transformed every week. However, this is a TV version of the DC Universe where strange things do happen every week, or at least every month:

there was probably a superhero team during World War II;
there may be evidence that Atlantis still exists under the sea, inhabited by merpeople;
it might join the UN;
there may also be visits from other planets;
there will be evidence of ghosts and other supernatural events, maybe even of the Olympians and Aesir;
Bruce Wayne will meanwhile be travelling around the world, encountering some very strange people.

I do not think that Smallville will make it into the national news although the Planet might send someone from nearby Metropolis.

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