Saturday, 21 March 2015

Green Arrow In Smallville

This is the sequence of events:

in Season One, Episode One, the headline of a Daily Planet read by Lionel Luthor proclaims that the Queen Industries CEO is missing, believed drowned;

in Season Six, Lionel meets an "Ollie," who, we learn, is Oliver Queen, CEO;

at the end of that episode, Queen shoots green arrows accurately from a longbow and turns out to have been responsible for the abduction of Lex, but this was because he was researching super powers - and he had ordered the kidnappers not to use violence;

in the following episode, he attends a costume party in what we recognize as a Green Arrow costume complete with mask and is introduced as Oliver Queen;

we see that he can use the bow but maybe needs to improve his accuracy;

in the next episode, a green hooded archer wearing dark glasses raids a party and steals jewellery from Martha Kent (so will this be a villainous opposite number of GA?);

Lois Lane tries to stop the thief whom she later headlines as the "Green Arrow Bandit;"

Chloe says, "Drop the 'Bandit'";

it turns out that this guy steals goods bought on the black market and donates to charities;

Clark learns that the thief is Oliver Queen who in turn learns of Clark's powers;

Clark and Ollie keep each others' secrets;

Ollie suggests that Clark should be more pro-active with his powers.

Thus, we get a new GA intermediate between hero and villain.

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