Friday, 13 March 2015

Smallville: Zod

Season Six begins so the world is in a chaos that is inherited from the climax of Season Five but will be resolved by the end of Episode One.

Chloe Sullivan makes history by introducing Clark Kent to James Olsen. Thus, Clark meets Jimmy long before starting to work at the Planet. But it was always turning out in the comics that characters had had contact before we thought they had.

This version of the Phantom Zone has a physical area. The fortress is dead but Jor-El, or some other Kryptonian presence, is still affecting Lionel, Lex has acquired some Kryptonian tech and a phantom, probably Zod, has been released on Earth. It used to be that a physical body became a phantom on entering the Zone and reverted to physicality on leaving it. Also, a phantom was like a "ghost," an insubstantial, transparent version of the body, whereas these phantoms resemble winged demons.

Lex has no memory of possession by Zod, thus no knowledge that Clark is Kal-El. It still makes no sense that possession of Lex's body by Zod's phantom gave Lex's body Kryptonian powers. Lana now knows of Krypton but has no reason to connect it with Clark. Complicated. Unnecessarily so.

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