Sunday, 29 March 2015

Smallville: Subterranean

Lex does not commit murder yet but does detain and experiment on meteor freaks in cahoots with Lionel.

How can Chloe go for Jimmy?

One sentence makes this episode: Clark Kent says, "I am an illegal immigrant." Here the future Superman is in conflict with the law.

No Lionel, Lois or Oliver in this episode. Ollie has quickly become a regular character. Chloe commutes from Smallville to College and part time job in Metropolis. We are not seeing anything of Clark's time at College in Kansas.

Addendum: My first sight of the phrase "The Illegal Immigrant" was as the title of a Marvelman story in the 1950's when I had to ask someone what it meant. Imagine Superman applying the term to himself sixty years later!

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