Monday, 30 March 2015

Smallville: Hydro

Linda Lake learns of Clark's extraterrestriality, then dies. I am sure we have had her before. She is another LL. The meteor powers get weirder.

Clark and Ollie play a classic trick to convince Lois that Ollie is not Green Arrow. Jimmy thought he had photographed GA uncovering his face but Clark moved too fast to stay in the shot. We see that Clark enjoys performing in a costumed identity.

Now Lana knows that Chloe is protecting a secret for Clark. Clark thinks that Lana's pregnancy by Lex makes it too late for him to tell her but he has always been too late. Lana accepts Lex's proposal. She thinks that there is trust between her and Lex.

One story that made no sense was "Reckoning." Clark told Lana but Lana died and a Kryptonian crystal rewound time for a day. I said before that Jor-El acted like a god but even gods can't do that. It says in Poul Anderson's Time Patrol that, against time, even the gods are powerless.

31/3/15: Linda Lake's initials and her in your face muck-raking role generate the impression that she is a survivor from an earlier continuity. However, she was created for Smallville.

Clark wants Chloe to keep his secret but is annoyed that she did not tell him of Lana's pregnancy. However, he recognizes the injustice of this when Chloe points it out.

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