Saturday, 21 March 2015

Smallville: Reunion

Excelsior College! Warrior Angel! Back to Oliver Queen outside his GA role!

An unpleasant story of immature conflicts and long delayed revenge. Why do we have to be immature before we can be mature? Young Lex was prepared to settle for pretended friendships.

Oliver Queen has matured enough to do good in the world, to apologize to Lex and to accept that 
his apology is not well received. Queen is making his own sub-series within the Smallville series.

Chloe coins the term "Zoners." I do not know whether this nomenclature has been used in other continuities? Zoners are loose on Earth but I prefer stories about Lana, Lex, Oliver, Lionel, Martha, Chloe, Jimmy, Clark and Lois. And did I mention Chloe, Lionel and Oliver?

Unlike Lex, I would never revisit my secondary school. He tells Lana that he attends reunions to make business contacts. I realized afterwards that that was supposed to be one of the uses of the school where I was indoctrinated and alienated.

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