Saturday, 21 March 2015


I post about a TV series based on comic books because I am not currently reading any comics interesting enough to post about. That should change when Marvel Comics starts publishing new Miracleman material by Neil Gaiman.

In Smallville Season Six:

Chloe Sullivan is with Jimmy Olsen;
Lana Lang is with Lex Luthor;
Lana previously dated Clark;
Lex was married but the marriage was annulled;
Lois Lane is with Oliver Queen;
Lois has also dated Arthur Curry;
the widow Martha Kent is getting closer to the widower Lionel Luthor;

Chloe and Lionel were specially created for this continuity:

Lex had a father before but not this one;
Lois may have had cousins before but not this one.

Way to go (whatever that means).

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