Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Smallville: Fade

I thought that Graham's meteor power was teleportation, then that it was teleportation plus invisibility but it was just invisibility. Another guy who learns Clark's secret and dies. As in HG Wells' The Invisible Man, when the other characters know that an invisible opponent is present, then they know where to aim their blows or bullets.

How does an invisible man see? If light goes through him, then it is not reflected on his retina. Scenes from Graham's pov inform us that he sees in black and white - so the issue of his sight is partially addressed.

Clark knows about Lex and Lana. Lex tells Lana that he is trying to find Fine but he is secretly communicating with him.

Chloe gets her first front page story on the Planet. Will she still be working there when Clark and Lois are? Lois wonders about meeting her equivalent of Jonathan Kent. Lionel starts a return flight from Singapore when Graham nearly kills Lex but remains off-stage. We don't know why he grabbed his head and wrote something at the end of the previous episode.

Metropolis has become a familiar setting.

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