Saturday, 14 March 2015

Smallville: Sneeze

Even Clark can work so hard that he becomes tired and ill. Right. We need more of this, e.g., logical deductions about his limits.

Oliver Queen! And not behaving as we expect! Lionel comments on Oliver's bad acting when told that Lex has been abducted. Lex and Oliver were at boarding school together. This makes Ollie older than Clark, which fits with the comics. Ollie comes from old money. Smallville began with Lionel reading a Daily Planet headlining the disappearance of the Queen Industries CEO. We know that Ollie learned his archery during that disappearance and we see that he has perfected it by now. He is tracking down super powered beings. Lex, no longer possessed by Zod, does not fit the bill but someone else who was in that warehouse does. Ollie will be able to fund the JLA.

Clark's dishonesty with Lana continues to absurd levels. He will not tell her how he knew in advance that Lex would be possessed. She suspects rightly that Clark now has ulterior motives for trying to help Lex. She is also learning that security measures are necessary when living with (the American equivalent of) royalty.

Clark learns how to use super-breath! The Zod Squad used super-breath against Metropolitans in Superman II. In Alan Moore's Marvelman, Liz Moran read comic books so that she could research Mike's powers and he looked bewildered when she asked if he had super-breath!

(We had to show Ollie but I wanted Chloe as well - and I suppose Clark deserves an appearance.)

Addendum: How could I forget Lois begins her reporting career her even if only in the Inquisitor? It would be possible to make a very long list of elements of the Superman mythos as they are introduced in Smallville.