Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Smallville: Wither

I did not really get the plant femalien theme of this episode. For me, the high point of the episode was the social event with so many DC characters casually meeting and interacting:

Oliver Queen;
Lois Lane;
Lex Luthor;
Lana Lang;
Martha Kent.

I was told incorrectly that the Arrow TV series spun off from Smallville. However, googling reveals that these two series are different continuities. We can dig it either way as long as the continuity question is clear. The continuities are differentiated by Star City and Starling City and by different actors for Ollie.

The Ollie of this episode of Smallville still needs to perfect his archery. So far, Lex is making more sense as a straightforward guy, and good for Lana, than Clark.

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